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DESIGN FANTASY has a great pleasure to cooperate with renowned raw material suppliers, because it firmly holds to the belief that high level of products can only be achieved with high quality raw materials. The production base for DESIGN FANTASY board furniture are the chipboards imported from FUNDER MAX from Austria. Funder Max chipboards are made by complying to the strictest European production standards, which means that they are eco-compatible and free of formaldehyde vapors, among other things. The possibilities for production provided by the chipboards are substantial, both regarding quality of the finished surface due to the application of veneer, technological veneer or laminate, as well as concerning the size (wide range of sizes: 8, 16, 19, 25 mm) which enables the design to become reality. The furniture produced of chipboard and veneered with natural plywood is perceived as massive wood and is one of the most demanded categories of furniture made by DESIGN FANTASY.